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1. Please, NO hentai!! I reeeally hate that crud!! I also start yelling at people, so don't post it here.
2. Stick to this couple. Post entries of other pairings on their respective communities, please. I don't
mind if you advertise a community here, just keep it work-safe.
3. I don't mind if adult content is implied in something, as long as it doesn't actually show anything.
4. Please, no nude pics of Kakashi. That's just sick.
5. No graphic depictions in fics.
6. If an entry contains heavy language, slight nudity, implied adult content, etc. please put a
disclaimer on the entry. (EX: WARNING Rated R for Strong Language)
7. NO adult toys in pics or fics.
8. Implied things are okay, but keep it normal. No or*l, *nal, etc.
9. No creepy metaphors. I don't want disturbing things mentioned.